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Aluminum Extrusion Blow Molds

Materyal - Alloy Aluminum

Pêvajo - Çêkirina CNC

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Aluminum Extrusion Blow Molds

Extrusion Blow Molding Process Broken Into 5 Steps:

1.The extruder turns each plastic pellet into a molten material with the help of a heated barrel and sheer force. Both temperature (frictional and external heat are used) and pressure melt the plastic.

2.The material is then moved through the extrusion tooling to create a parison.

3.In order to be captured, the parison is closed into a water-cooled mold.

4.Next, compressed air is blown into the parison. This blown air inflates the parison into the exact shape of the mold cavity, thus forming a hollow bottle, container, or part. If you’ve ever seen glassblowing, it’s very much like that.

5.After the plastic has cooled enough, the mold is opened and the part or product is taken out!

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